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Meet a greeter in Chinon

Wish to discover Chinon and some charming villages around with the insight of locals?

Wish to hear local stories, and share anecdotes with Chinon residents?

Wish to discover unspoilt landscapes and hidden gems?

Ready for a walk or a bike ride off the beaten track?


Select a greeter and request a visit on line!




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  • What is a Greeter ?


The concept was founded in 1992 by Lynn Brooks who wanted the world to know New York City as she did: a great big small town with diverse neighborhoods, mom-and-pop stores, fun places to dine, and friendly residents who go out of their way to help an out-of-towner feel welcome. It was a big success and has spread all over the world as tourists and travelers are more and more seeking authentic and human experiences.

Greeters are enthusiastic local residents who love their home city and volunteer to conduct the visits in their own way, wishing to share and exchange about their culture and their way of life. Not as a guide, but more like a newly met friend, greeters will show special places that mean something in their lives.


  • What to know before to go

• Greeters are volunteer ‘friends’, not professional tour guides, no historical or any specific knowledge is guaranteed.

• Greeter ‘visits’ are not tours. There are no pre-set itineraries or start times.

• Greeters welcome tourists as they would welcome friends, they do not accept tips or any kind of payment.

• Greeters will welcome no more than 6 people per ‘greet’. People under 18 must be accompanied by adults.


For further information : 

- Global Greeter Network

- France Greeter


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